Financial Calendar

There are certain dates in a financial/calendar year which are important for your business. We at moraybooks make sure you don’t miss them. Depending on the level of service you looking for, we can even take out the hassle of thinking about these dates. Below is a short list with all the important dates

31/01Last day to submit tax returns electronically
31/01Last day for tax payments for prior year and first payment on account
05/04Last day of financial year in the UK
06/04First day of new financial year In the UK
19/05Last day for submission of all year-end PAYE*
31/05Last day to handover the P60 to your employee(s)
22/07Last day for Class 1A NICs*
31/07Last day for 2nd payment on account
31/10Last day for paper tax returns
The Last day for PAYE* and NIC* payments is the 22nd of each month
VAT* returns have to be submitted quarterly (every 3 month)

*PAYE – Pay As You Earn, NIC – National Insurance Contribution, VAT – Value Added Tax