UK Holiday Calculator

The Holiday Entitlement Calculator on tells you how much holiday you or your employee are entitled to for a selected period.

This calculator can also be used to tell you how much holiday you owe a employee that has left your business and, if this person has already taken too much holiday this will be highlighted as well.

Enter the annual holiday entitlement, any days that have already been taken as holiday, the date the holiday entitlement began and the end date for the period and the number of days per week you / they work or worked,

Please remember that the minimum number of days holiday an employee is entitled to is 28 days (inclusive of bank holidays), this entitlement is pro-rata for part time employees.

Please note: The calculator is correct at the time of publishing. If there are any changes to any of these parameters I will do my best to keep this calculator as quickly updated as possible. You, the user, should not rely on the calculated numbers/dates – those numbers are for illustration only.

If you look for more information on how to calculate holiday entitlement please follow this link.